Prenatal Yoga

Our signature FlyMama prenatal aerial yoga helps you move through the transformations of the pregnant body with peace and ease while using the hammock as support. This class is beneficial in preparing the body for labor, birth and recovery. The yoga hammock is used to promote strength, flexibility and mental strength in a safe way. Class ends "swaddled" inside the hammock to help mommies go in to deep relaxation and experience what baby feels like in the womb. Prenatal yoga at The Little Yoga House provides a very loving and open community atmosphere for mothers-to-be. Beginners are welcome.

Wednesdays 6:30-7:45

  • Session 1 : 1/11-2/1
  • Session 2: 2/8-3/1
  • Session 3: 3/8-3/29
  • Session 4: 4/5-4/26
  • Session 5: 5/3-5/24

Post-natal Yoga w/ baby (5 weeks- 6 months)

This class is for new mammas looking for a peaceful place to relax, rejuvenate, strengthen, gather and connect with other moms while their babies rest on a soft blanket in a safe space. This 60 minute class will focus on strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles as well as other areas of the body (neck, shoulders, back) that now feel the tension of caring for a new baby.

Thursdays 10:30-11:30

  • Session 1: 1/12-2/2
  • Session 2: 2/9-3/2
  • Session 3: 3/9-4/6
  • Session 4: 4/13-5/4
  • Session 5: 5/11-6/1

Parent & Baby Yoga (5 weeks - waddlers)

This class is for both baby and grown-up! We will spend part of the class stretching, breathing, and moving for you and the other part singing and moving playfully with your little yogis. This class has a wide age-range.

Tuesdays 10:30-11:15

  • Session 1: 1/10-1/31
  • Session 2: 2/7-2/28
  • Session 3: 3/7-4/4
  • Session 4: 4/11-5/2
  • Session 5: 5/9-5/30

Pre-Tot Yoga Playgroup ( 12-18m- waddlers/new walkers)

This is a class for the "in between" stage! If your little yogi is not quite ready for the toddler class but too mobile for the baby class, this is the perfect class for the two of you! It is a nice mix of yoga and play for your little one. We provide a safe space for you and your tot to move, stretch, sing and play yoga!

Tuesdays 9:30-10:15

  • Session 1: 1/10-1/31
  • Session 2: 2/7-2/28
  • Session 3: 3/7-4/4
  • Session 4: 4/11-5/2
  • Session 5: 5/9-5/30

Parent & Toddler Yoga (strong walkers- 3 years)

This class is for toddlers (18m-3yrs) and parents to enjoy the benefits of yoga together. This class gives parents the opportunity to see how their child interacts with other children and the teacher. Animated poses, music and props help toddlers develop good listening skills from the start!

Mondays 9:30-10:15 OR Fridays 9:30-10:15 ( Sat @ 9:30 are drop-in)

  • Session 1: 1/9-1/30
  • Session 2: 2/6-2/27
  • Session 3: 3/6-4/3
  • Session 4: 4/10-5/1
  • Session 5: 5/8-5/29

Family Yoga

Yoga for families is a fun-filled way for children, parents and even grandparents to spend quality time together while enjoying a fun and healthy activity. Practicing yoga together helps strengthen the bonds between parents and children while they support each other and have fun. Family yoga provides the rare opportunity for both adult and child to observe and learn from each other and is a great way to bridge the age difference between them. Parents get to learn about the ways their child learns and the way he or she interacts with a group, and the children get to experience their parents as learners as well. This class is filled with partner poses, group poses, silly flowing sequences and yoga games!

These classes are drop-in or you can purchase a weekend class pass!