Essential Oils for Kids!

Join Regan De Marines for a hands-on essential oils workshop. Participants will learn safety precautions when using essential oils, how to blend properly for children, common childhood remedies using essential oils and more. The workshop will include three blends, Happy Ears, Happy Nose and Healthy Kiddo which you will blend in 10ml roller bottles. Additional blends can be purchased on the day of the workshop.

When: Sunday June 11th

Time: 2:00-3:30

Price: $35/per person

*This workshop is for adults, not for children.*


Dad & Yogi Aerial Yoga Date!

Are you ready to fly through Father's Day with your little yogi? Join us for our first annual Father's Day Weekend Aerial workshop. Both you and your child will be guided through a 50 minute aerial yoga class where you will explore what it feels like to swing, go upside down, balance, fly, connect and strengthen your minds and bodies! Class will be followed by a creative project and some delicious sips and bites! *this workshop is beginner friendly*

When: Sunday June 17th

Time: 2:00-3:30

Price: $55 (for dad & child)

Ages: *kids must be ages 6+ to participate*

**please leave all jewelry and watches at home- no zippers or buttons on clothing allowed in the hammocks**


Kids Night Out

Join us for our Friday evening Kids Night Out events offered once a month at our Village Location! We will take your yogis on a yoga journey filled with poses, games and relaxation, eat pizza & watch a movie.


Time: 5:30-9:00

Price: $40/ child

5 Session Pass: $180

The Village Dates:

June 16th (Trolls) , July 7th (Moana) , August 11th (Sing)

*Please send your child in comfortable clothes, a water bottle, a snuggle toy if they need one at night*


Aerial Kids Night Out

We did it! We will now be offering a brand new style of Kids Night Out on Saturdays for kids ages 6+. Yogis will learn beginner aerial poses in our hammocks, enjoy delicious pizza from east side pies, watch a movie and experience a deep relaxation inside a hammock and then send them on their way to a blissful slumber :)

Time: 5:30-9:00

Dates: TBD

Price: $65/ per child

Ages: 6+ * kids must be in 1st grade*

*Please send your child in comfortable clothes WITHOUT zippers or buttons, a water bottle and any additional snacks they may want. Please leave all jewelry and watches at home. *


Birthing with Yoga & Massage | Labor Preparation

About the Course:

Childbirth is a process - a journey that a couple and their baby make together. You not only experience the birth of your child but also the birth of the mother, the father/ birth partner, and the new family. In the grand scheme of life, this happens during a relatively short period of time, but the body, mind, and emotions change rapidly. It's a day you will remember for the rest of your life.

This workshop provides you with tools to connect with your partner during labor and to help the process be as comfortable as possible throughout the intensity of this transition into your new life.

Stacy offers the space for you to explore how to ground the body and mind through meditation, "birth mantras," and breathwork. You and your partner experience different yoga positions and movements that can aid the baby's journey from womb into your arms. You also learn to use massage techniques, acupressure, and zone therapy to grow closer as a couple and assist the body in relaxing and opening. We also consider aromatherapy and hydrotherapy for soothing and comfort.

Enjoy this time with your partner in preparation for your baby's birth.

Each couple receives a handbook, as well as a bottle of handcrafted massage oil.

Dates: TBD

Time: 2:00pm-5:00pm

Investment: $108 per couple


Family Aerial Yoga Series

Our Family Aerial Yoga Workshops will take place every other Sunday for 4 weeks. We will learn a series of partner Aerial poses, mindfulness tools, family communication tools, team building games, meditation and relaxation. Each week builds on the next, so you must register for entire series, no drop-ins. This workshop is limited to 5 families (2 per family).

When: Sundays (see dates below)

Time: 2:00-3:30

Ages: Kids must be 6 and up *if your child is under 6 (4-5) and has attended our floor & fly series you may be eligible to join the family weekend series.

Price: $180 * 2 participants *

Dates: TBD

* As there is a limited amount of space in this workshop, we ask that if there is more than one child in your family that would like to attend, another parent/adult must accompany them and will be charged as a pair.*

infant massage.JPG

Blissful Babies Infant Massage Workshop

The experiences during infancy can impact your baby's lifelong physical, emotional, and intellectual patterns.

You can play a compassionate, interactive and positive role in your baby's development.

Witness the emergence of your child's understanding of her/his body and his/her place within the world through the exploration of movement and touch. Infant Massage can provide the medium to strengthen your connection with your baby.

Embrace this tender time by offering a safe space for bonding and communication beyond words.

When: TBD

Time: 2:00-3:30

Price: :$40 includes session handout and massage oil


Introduction to Aerial Yoga Workshop

Is your kiddo interested in trying aerial yoga but not ready to commit to a semester long series? This beginner aerial workshop is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time flying and learn the basics! We will spend an hour learning beginner friendly poses, safety, mindfulness and enjoy a deep relaxation. The workshop will end with tea & a small treat!

When: TBD

Time: 2:00-3:30

Price: $40/child